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August Garden Tasks

  • Water. Continue to keep new plantings moist, with deeper but less frequent watering. Check container plantings twice a day when temperatures exceed 90° (F). Water whenever the top few inches of soil dry out.

  • Weed! Keep weeds from making seeds now. As the growing season winds down, both annual and perennial weeds start to produce thousands of seeds that will germinate in your garden next spring. If left unchecked, these pesky invaders become extremely difficult to eliminate. The best time to weed is right after rain when the soil is still moist. If rainfall is scarce, irrigate your garden thoroughly the night before you start your attack.

  • Divide.  August is the best time to dig and divide perennial flowers in your garden (such as hosta, Oriental poppy, lily, daylily, ornamental grasses, and bearded iris). Use a spade to lift the plant from the ground being careful to damage the root ball as little as possible. When the clump is out of the ground, use a large garden knife or spade to cut it into smaller pieces. Then, replant the smaller pieces or divisions as soon as possible.


Garden Tip: Some perennial flowers such as bearded iris tend to die out in the center. When you divide these perennials cut around the centers and toss the dead tissue on your compost pile.


  • Monitor your plants for pests. Patrol each garden bed at least weekly. Be sure to look at the undersides of leaves.

  • Compost spent annuals, disease-free early vegetables, and seed-free weeds to your compost pile. Don't add weeds with mature seed heads to the compost pile.


Garden Planning

  • Order spring-flowering bulbs for fall planting.

  • Place small stakes in the garden where tulips, narcissus, lilies, alliums, and other fall-planted bulbs will go.

  • Keep records of harvest dates and amounts to help plan next year’s vegetable garden.