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Chestnut Hill Reservoir Community Garden Rules, Terms, and Conditions for Participation

Chestnut Hill Reservoir Community Garden (CHRCG) is overseen and managed in partnership with the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).

The Advisory Committee (AC) is a volunteer committee, composed of garden members, which collectively manage the operation of the garden. It is the governing authority at the CHRCG.

Breaking of any rules, terms, and conditions is cause for exclusion from the garden and loss of membership and the associated plot immediately.


  1. Membership of CHRCG is open to all residents living in Brighton (02135). Candidates must provide proof of Brighton residency.

  2. Gardening privileges are on an annual renewable basis. (No automatic renewal).

  3. The fees are calculated based on the size of each plot annually, plus a 50% refundable cleanup deposit fee.

  4. The AC is responsible for assigning plots each year. Good standing members may remain in their assigned plots for multiple years. Only approved members are allowed to tend their assigned plots.

  5. Members are responsible for keeping their plants, small hand tools, garden fencing, and gates neat and orderly within their plots’ boundaries. Any personal item or plant spilling outside the plot’s boundary will be removed by the AC.

  6. The storage sheds are for communal gardening tools. All sheds have shared lock systems and only approved members are allowed access to communal tools, equipment, and water systems.

  7. CHRCG is an organic garden. Only organic fertilizers, organic and thoughtful pest/disease controls are allowed.

  8. All members are responsible for keeping the entire CHRCG free of the trash.

  9. All members are responsible for keeping their plots and perimeters free of weeds and invasive plants.

  10. All members are expected to attend all work/cleanup days, scheduled twice a year.

  11. All members are expected to fulfill communal assigned tasks throughout the year promptly. The AC will assign group tasks year-round. Failure to fulfill those requirements will result in revoked membership.

  12. Plots need to be worked and fully planted by Memorial Day. Otherwise, will be considered abandoned and forfeited.

  13. Invasive plants, hazardous plants, trees, and weeds are forbidden. Such as, but not limited to:
    Mallow, Lamb’s Ear, Yarrow, Beebalm (container only), Lily of the Valley, Yucca, St. John’s Wort, Money Plant, Trumpet Vine, Bamboo, any kind of Ivy, Kudzu, Japanese Stiltgrass, Purple Loosestrife, Mint (container only), Chinese Wisteria, Morning Glory, Queen Ann’s Lace, Japanese Honeysuckle, Common Mullein, Porcelain Berry, Marijuana, Stinging Nettles, and Hops (container only).

  14. Guests and visitors may enter the plot only if accompanied by members.

  15. All pets must be leashed at all times.

  16. Loud music, firearms, and weapons, including pocket knives, are forbidden.The following guidelines have been established by the members of this garden. Please read the guidelines and direct any questions or comments to members of the Advisory Committee.

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