We've got seeds !!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Every year, The Trustees give away seeds to community gardens in the Boston area and the CHRCG advisory committee places orders so we can give free seeds to you !!

Here is a list of the seeds and quantities that we have this year (updated 04/29/20):

1. Carrot Scarlet Nantes (1)

2. Spinach Giant Noble (0)

3. Cilantro (2)

4. Cucumber National Picking (2)

5. Sweet Basil (2)

6. Garden Beans Tendergreen Improved (2)

7. Chives (2)

8. Squash Dark Green Zucchini (2)

9. Squash Table Acorn (0)

10. Squash Early Yellow Straightnek (2)

11. Dill Long Island Mammoth (1)

12. Parsley Dark Moss Curled (1)

13. Garden Bean Cherokee Wax (Yellow Bush) (1)

14. Pea Alaska (1)

If you would like some of these seeds, write your request on the comments section with your name and plot number by April 25th. We will give seeds away in a "first come first serve" manner. To follow the rules of social distancing, we will leave the seeds in a little plastic bag in each person's plot. We will let you know the exact date based on the weather, as we will try to do it when we are sure there will be no rain.

Safe gardening everybody !!!

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