Plans for 2020 Spring clean-up

Updated: May 6, 2020

Dear gardeners! Every year, at the beginning of the season, the CHRCG committee chooses a day for us to get together, get to know each other, and clean up our garden. This year, due to the need to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we are practicing social distancing by restricting the garden occupancy to 10 people at a time. Therefore, we will not hold a typical clean up day. Instead, we have assigned specific tasks for each gardener, which can be done at your own pace but need to be ready by May 17th. Once you are done with your tasks, leave us a comment here saying "Task #x is done". That will make it easier for all of us to know how things are working. Tasks are divided as follows:

East Entrance: Task 1 – Robin : Rake and remove old woodchips / leaves around the tree circle. Add a light layer of compost. Task 2 – Chris : Tidy up and trim live branches Plot #1 (John’s garden) Task 3 - Sunny(3a), Christine(3b) : Woodchip a path from the street to the tall storage shed. Remove two flagged piles of old woodchips to dip on the other side.

West Entrance: Task 4 – Robin : Rake and remove old woodchips / leaves around the message board and tree circle. Add a light layer of compost. Task 5* - Carl(5a), Marisa(5b), Amina(5c) : Woodchip a wide path from the street towards the back by the orange cone. (to prevent deeper tire marks from delivery trucks)

North Entrance: Task 6 – Ugur(6a), Jessica(6b), Yue(6c) : Woodchip from the Wade street entrance path to connect with the garden at the tall storage shed. Task 7 – Cleide : Remove tarp on water box and place it in a storage shed.

Task 8 – Susan : Rake and tidy up Judge’s garden. Task 9 – Cheryl : Rake and remove old woodchips / leaves around the large common garden. Task 10 – Lita : Rake the shade garden by two stone benches.

Overall: Task 11 – Cleide(11a), Kate(11b), Angela(11c), Lydia(11d), Stephen(11e), Hannah(11f), Emily(11g), Sarah(11h) : Rake and remove old woodchips / leave and add new woodchips on community paths. Remove any weeds or invasive plants like mint, morning glory, porcelain berry etc on or near community paths Task 12 – Wade : Remove debris like trash or fallen branches from surrounding wooded area. Task 13 – Cheryl : Add birdbath bowls to the posts. Task 14 – Tio : After paths are cleaned and chipped, lay out water hoses. Task 15 – Alex : Inventory and organize tools to evenly distribute tools to appropriate storage sheds.

* Represents gardener who have missed our 2019 fall cleanup, but notified the committee before 10/20/2019.

You can dispose old woodchips / leaves to the already existing organic pile. DCR will haul away the old organic pile when the spring cleanup is done. “Freecycle” pile by the wheel barrels will also be hauled away by DCR when the spring cleanup is done. All gardeners are responsible for maintaining the perimeter of their plot. All area must be weed free and maintained regularly. We are a carry in and carry out garden. Please take trash with you

Friendly reminder: Our spring and fall cleanups are obligatory service to our community garden, as outlined in our Rules and Regulations. If you are unable to attend/accomplish cleanups, you will be subject to a $100 fine per a missed cleanup. You can avoid a fine by sending a substitute to do your share of the cleanup work, or you can let the committee know ahead of time to schedule a separate cleanup work.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. You can leave a comment here or email us at

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